Let’s keep learning

My new book is out this week. It’s hard to write about this honestly without addressing the sadness, worry and anger that we’re feeling right now. The world seems upside down. But we must keep going.

It’s one of a new series of activity books for children, listed as follows:

‘You Can…’

‘Write Awesome Stories’ by Joanne Owen

‘Draw Brilliant Pictures’ by Maria Herbert-Liew

‘Grow Your Own Food’ by Annabelle Padwick

‘Take Amazing Photos’ by Lillian Spibey

‘Have an Outdoor Adventure’ by Alex Gregory

‘Save the Planet’ by Lucy Bell

I haven’t had a chance to read the others yet, but hope to soon. Now is as important a time as ever for learning.

Let’s keep encouraging our children to look, think, make and imagine.


[image credit – ‘You Can’ book series trailer by Collins]

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