Hello 2021!

Been meaning to update the blog for a while, a belated happy new year all!

(Some pics from 2020)

2020 happened. As a teacher I changed and grew.* As an illustrator I kept going.  I learnt some things:

  • I love writing. Got quite lost in it over the summer.
  • Plants are great indoors friends, and lovely to draw.
  • Nothing new here, but people are adaptable, generous and kind. I enjoyed and learnt so much from others sharing whatever it was they had created or learnt themselves. 

This year I am pushing forward with hope and focus. Staying connected to people. Making work that I love.

Time is ever precious, and weirdly stretchy. Enjoy it.


*As well as writing and drawing I also teach a dance fitness class. (www.floweticglasgow.com) Taking it online was pretty challenging, but turned out great. I pushed myself to be a whole lot better, learnt a lot very quickly, and spent many a happy hour dancing through a screen with a bunch of excellent people. A positive and lasting change that I would not have dreamt possible this time last year.

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