Drawing projects at home: Part 2

Here’s Project 2, devised to sharpen ‘looking and imagining’ skills. Sometimes we draw by using our imaginations first.


Project 2: Imagination!

A brain trainer. (approx.15 mins)

You’ll need: an old piece of paper, drawing materials, paper to draw on.

A fun little exercise that will train your brain to look and imagine.

Do this: Take an old piece of paper and squash to make a quick 3D shape.

Toss it down onto a surface.

Look carefully at the object and imagine it is something else. What can you see?

Draw it!

Tip: If you are having trouble seeing the shape, put the object onto a contrasting surface. For example, if it’s white, put it on something dark. This will help you see the edges more clearly.


More time?

Try different lighting! Put the object under a direct source of light so you can see its shadow. Maybe bright sunshine, or a torch in the dark. Use the shadow as part of your drawings.

Or how about making it a game by asking other people to join in? You all look at the same object, but keep your drawings a secret until they are finished! What did you end up with?

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