Drawing projects at home: Part 1

I recently created a set of drawing projects for children to do during lockdown at home. Collins used them to promote ‘You Can Draw Brilliant Pictures’, my book that came out in June. Project 1 was an investigation into drawing eyes.

Have a go! All you need is a mirror, paper and something to draw with!


Project 1: Eyes!

An investigation. (approx. 15 mins)

You’ll need: a mirror, pencil or pen, and paper.

 Lots of artists use mirrors to help with drawing facial expressions or postures. Try it yourself!

For this project we’ll be drawing eyes. This is a good skill to practice as a good pair of eyes can really help bring your character drawings or portraits to life!

Do this: Get in front of a mirror and look at your eyes. They have an upper lid, a lower lid and a pupil.

Make different expressions with your face. What happens to your eyes? Do the eyelids change shape? What about the white around the pupils? Can you see a crease in the upper lid?

Draw them! Try happy, angry, surprised… anything you want.

Now try moving your head around. What happens now? Try and draw what you can see.

Tip: Don’t worry about drawing perfect lines or shapes, this is a quick exercise to get you looking and thinking.


More time?

If you have time to investigate more, you could look at your eyebrows too, then nose and mouth.

Or how about looking at someone else? If you do this you can draw what eyes look like from the side (warning- very different)!

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