This week I’ve been writing lots, trying to come up with stories and creating character illustrations. Takes a lot of thinking!

[Image- one of my ideas this week]

This week

Another Friday, another week… I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a tough one, right? Society and culture crashing to a halt, unimaginable futures ahead. So much to fear, and things changing so quickly. Been some positives though, a lot of people coming together in wonderful ways, and positive action taking place all the time. We can but hope.

I’m still working in black and white, and getting better with the ink pen.
Been pushing on with a project I’ve returned to from way back, but approaching it with a digital pen and paint, will share soon.

Here’s a few ink pen drawings of faces from this week, trying to create some East Asian characters. Not my intention, but they invariably remind me of family members past and present.


The brief for a commission I was working on last week was ‘someone holding a trophy’, and I just loved getting inspired by Billie Eilish at the Grammys. What a fab achievement. Well done her.

[Illustration and roughs for commission by Collins Learning, HarperCollins Publishers]

Giant fledglings

Trying to squeeze in more moments to draw, outside of ‘drawing for work’. Today it was over breakfast, looking out the window. Kids walking to school. I really wanted to capture the way that they walk with rucksacks that usually look far too heavy for them. The bags look part of their being, the way they have to balance them out with their upper bodies. Abstracting them a little, I started to imagine them as giant fledgings on unsteady legs, making their own way out into the world.

I could draw people with their bags all day long.

A busy year (under wraps)

What’ve I been up to lately? Head down and drawing, that’s what!  Been in a lovely fug of work, collaborating on a huge project with Collins Learning. Very excited to share it with you soon, but not quite time yet!

In the meantime here are a few of my favourite #petsket sketches from the last few months.  Head over to to join in!